Proposals for 2019 County AGM    


Any Full Individual Members, elected officials and helpers wishing to make a proposal for the Annual General Meeting must do so in writing to the County Chairman, all said proposals must be received at least fourteen days prior to the Annual General Meeting.


The deadline for proposals at the 2019 AGM is 23rd June 2019.



The Election of all Officials and Selectors, shall be voted into office at the Annual General Meeting, all retiring Officials and Selectors, shall be eligible for re-election without being nominated through the normal procedure, provided they have confirmed their willingness to re-stand.


A Captain and Vice Captain for the respective Men’s and Ladies County teams will be determined by the players in that years County squad, this will normally be done at the first match in each County season.



Anyone wishing to stand for Election as an Official or Selector, must be nominated by a Full Member,elected official or helper and seconded by another Full Member, elected official or helper and the nominated person must inform the County Chairman that they are willing to stand for the proposed position, failure to comply with these rules will mean any person is ineligible for election.


All proposals, seconders or letters of acceptance must be posted or e.mailed to  :


Peter Melton : 4 Heronshaw, Chatteris, Cambs. PE16 6TR


All proposals that meet the criteria will be posted on this page after the closing date.